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Here’s why should purchase your Automotive & Truck Parts with Nucar Commercial

  1. High-Quality Parts – Here at Nucar Commercial we pride ourselves on partnering with and selling product brands that are on the forefront of performance, technology, and innovation.
  2. Parts Bundles – When shopping with Nucar Commercial you can purchase parts bundles that consist of common or popular parts for your vehicle.
  3. Large Parts Selection – Everyday we’re adding new more brands and parts to our store to better serve our customers.

Leasing will save your business money

  1. Customize Your Vehicle - When leasing a new or used vehicle with Nucar Commercial you have the option to outfit your vehicle with additional parts or equipment such as Aftermarket & Performance Parts, Wheels, Tires, Fleet Tracking & Telematics equipment, & Truck/Van Equipment.
  2. Lower Monthly Payments - Vehicle lease payments are on average $120 cheaper per month than traditional financing payments.
  3. Reduced environmental impact – Leasing a new fuel-efficient vehicle is a great way to reduce your environmental impact while driving a vehicle you love. Not only do we offer fuel-efficient vehicles, but we also offer hybrids & electric vehicles
  4. Open new possibilities for your business - Leasing a new or used vehicle with Nucar Commercial can help your business save money as well as preserve your companies credit lines for other important purchases.
  5. Short Term Leasing – Why purchase a vehicle if you only need it during your busy season or to exceed capacity restraints? Leasing with Nucar Commercial is a much better option because you only have to pay for the time you use the vehicle instead of the entire vehicle.

Brembo High-Performance Brake Systems

  1. Designed for the discerning driver - Brembo Braking Systems were designed for customers who want highest levels of braking performance whether you’re towing, off-roading, driving on the street, driving on the track or racing competitively
  2. The Highest Possible Performance - Brembo High-Performance Braking Systems Boast Increased Stopping power, Greater Driving Performance, Greater Braking Torque, and Greater Thermal Capacity. Greater Thermal Capacity and Increased Braking Torque creates a noticeably different feel during normal operation and an experience that is extremely powerful while racing, track driving, towing, off-roading, or driving aggressively.
  3. Brembo Brake Systems are perfect for car lovers - Brembo High-Performance Braking Systems are the perfect upgrade for drivers who are serious about the performance of their vehicle.
  4. Brembo Manufactures Performance Brake Systems for Cars, Luxury Cars, Suv’s Pickup Trucks, and Racing Applications

Banks Power Products

  1. Banks Power is a Premiere Manufacturer of Diesel Truck, Gas Truck, Full-Size SUV, Jeep, and Motorhome Performance Parts.
  2. Performance Exhaust Systems - Banks Power manufactures 100% Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems for Gas Trucks, Diesel Trucks, Jeeps & Motorhomes. Banks Power Exhaust Systems reduce backpressure, increase vehicle performance and increase airflow up to 167%.
  3. Air Intake Systems - Banks Power Air Intake Systems outperform stock air intake systems as well as other aftermarket air intake systems. Banks Power Air Intake Systems help increase Fuel Economy, Increased Power and Decreased EGT’s (Exhaust Gas Temperatures).
  4. Tuners & Programmers - Banks Power Tuners & Programmers will give your truck more power and increased fuel economy. Banks Power also designed their Tuners & Programmers to monitor the health of your vehicle.
  5. Performance Turbochargers & Turbocharger Upgrades - A Banks Power Turbocharger System is a great way to add power to your vehicle. Gain up to +102 hp & +143 ft lbs. of torque, while also giving your vehicle improved fuel economy.
  6. Engine Braking Systems - Banks Power Engine Braking Systems are a necessity for anyone who’s towing heavy. Banks Power Engine Brake Systems help take the load off of your brakes, and transmission, this reduces the stopping distance of truck. In some cases, this can make the difference between life and death.
  7. Intercooler Systems - Banks Power Techni-Cooler Intercooler Systems were designed to keep your truck cool, while increasing power and fuel economy. These systems are larger and more durable than stock ensuring your truck's engine is protected against damage.

Customer service matters to Nucar Commercial

  1. Return Policies – Once an item of merchandise is delivered to you, you can return that item within 30 days of delivery. To be eligible for a return, your merchandise must be unused and in the same condition that you received it and must be in the original packaging. Our return policy does not apply to the following goods: [discounted or sale items, gift cards, personalized items, perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines, intimate apparel, sanitary goods, hazardous materials, flammable liquids, gases or used items unless approved. These items are not eligible for a return, refund or exchange.
  2. More Information - Click here to learn more about our Return Policies.
  3. Constant Communication – One of our team members will be available to speak with you Monday – Friday 9 am to 6 pm. We can be reached through our chat system that appears at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. By phone at 317-342-3350 and by email at [email protected]