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Here's why you should purchase a Banks Power Exhaust System

Nucar Commercial sells Bansk Power High-Performance Exhaust Systems. Banks Power Exhaust Systems are engineered to perform, not only do their Exhaust Systems outperform stock systems they also outperform other Aftermarket Exhaust Systems. Banks Power Exhaust Systems Can Increase Airflow by up to 167%!!! Banks Power Performance Exhaust Systems are manufactured out of 100% Stainless Steel, which allows for Greater Flow and Reduced Backpressure. Greater Flow and Reduced Backpressure reduce operating temperatures. Most Banks Power Exhaust Systems include polished stainless steel straight-through muffler, that Banks Power Designed to produce a powerful sound while eliminating exhaust drone.

Banks Power Designs the Coolest Exhaust Systems, literally!

Banks Power designed their exhaust systems to perform better than the competition when comes to keep your exhaust system cool. Diesel Trucks equipped with a DPF System (Diesel Particulate Filter) can produce an extreme amount of heat when the DPF System cycles. Banks Power designed their exhaust systems to drastically reduce exhaust outlet temps by using their CoolCuff Design. This technology means your Diesel Truck will have an extra layer of protection when you purchase a Banks Power Diesel Exhaust System.

Monster Exhaust Systems

The Banks Power Monster Exhaust System includes a free-flowing muffler that makes a massive difference in Airflow, Sound, and Performance. The Banks Mufflers features a large 4-inch inlet and 4-inch outlet. Another great feature of this exhaust system flows straight to the back of the vehicle instead winding of winding back and forth, this allows for better airflow and reduced backpressure. The Banks Power Monster Muffler features an expansion chamber that eliminates the dreaded exhaust drone that straight through mufflers have. The Banks Power Monster Exhaust System uses a durable ceramic packing with a high-temperature rating, so it will not degrade like fiberglass. The Banks Monster Muffler flows over three times better than stock.

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Showing all 4 results