Fleet Tracking & Telematics

Why tracking your assets important

  1. Real-Time Information – You have the ability to track, vehicle/equipment speed, location, traffic patterns and much more in real time.
  2. Security – Tracking your vehicles or assets with Nucar Commercial gives your business the ability to monitor vehicles in real time with interactive software from any internet connected device.
  3. Comprehensive Reporting – Tracking your vehicles with Nucar Commercial will allow you to build comprehensive data reports showing vehicle speed, location, traffic patterns and much more.
  4. Video Surveillance - If you’d like to keep a closer eye on your assets, Nucar Commercial can equip your vehicles with video surveillance systems, so that you can better monitor your assets.

  • Your Devices Will Never Go Offline

    1. The devices we sell support up to four different network providers simultaneously! This means your devices will never go offline.
    2. The days of interrupted file transfers, slow video feeds or having to reestablish your connection are over.
    3. Your vehicles will never travel through coverage dead spots.
  • Cloud Based Vehicle Management

    1. Location – Locate any of your vehicles using an interactive map that allows you to point and click and see vehicle and device details.
    2. Comprehensive Reporting – Track the location of your vehicle in real time or review where your vehicles have traveled with comprehensive reports that show vehicle speed and driving behavior.
    3. Vehicle Management – Use the interactive map to monitor vehicles in real time, giving your business greater control over your fleet.
  • You’re In Complete Control

    1. Nucar Commercial can custom build GPS Tracking/Fleet Management system that meets all of your needs. Giving your business ultimate control on how your vehicles are monitored and managed.