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Sell Your Car or Truck with Nucar Commercial

  1. Simplicity - Consigning your Cars, Trucks, Trailers or Other Equipment with Nucar Commercial is very easy. The entire Consignment process can be completed in a few minutes online!
  2. Pricing - When selling your Car, Truck, Trailer or Other Vehicles/Equipment with Nucar Commercial. We conduct rigorous pricing in conjunction with several different pricing metrics to ensure your Vehicle is priced correctly giving you the most money possible.
  3. Get Top Dollar for your vehicle(s) - Don't waste your time getting lowball offers from dealerships. Nucar Commercial will help your business get top dollar for used Cars, Trucks, Trailers and Other Equipment.
  4. We Handle Everything - When you sell your vehicle with Nucar Commercial we handle the transfer of your Title, Shipping, and even any maintenance your vehicle needs before it's listed for sale.
  5. Reach More Potential Buyers - By using the power of Social Media & the Internet your vehicle can reach millions of potential buyers.
car consignment
car consignment

We Market Your Vehicles Everywhere

  1. We Come to you - Selling a Fleet of vehicles or one vehicle is a very large undertaking. That's why Nucar Commerical is here to simplify the process. Our team will travel to your locations take a detailed inventory of all your equipment, take detailed photographs, provide detailing services and even provide on-site maintenance and equipment removal.
  2. Solutions for Fleets - For our customers with larger fleets, Nucar Commercial can also design and build a custom website solely dedicated to selling your vehicles.
  3. We Actively Sell Your Vehicle - Not only do we market your Vehicle on various platforms. But our sales team also actively sells your vehicles to potential buyers who are in the market for a vehicle like yours.
  4. Personalized Marketing - When Consigning with Nucar Commercial we build a marketing plan specifically for your vehicle(s) or equipment. Depending on the type of vehicle your consignment it will be marketed on one of the following marketplaces.
  7. Facebook
  8. Instagram
  9. Snapchat
  10. Commercial Truck Trader
  11. & More

We Provide Financing to Buyers

  1. Financing - When Consigning your vehicle(s) we provide Financing and Financial Services to the potential buyers allowing for a smooth ownership transition. We ensure to potential purchasers a quickly matched with a lender that fits their needs to sell your vehicles as quick as possible.
  2. We make it easier for customers to purchase your vehicle

  3. Here are just a few of the great financing options our financial partners offer;
  4. Low Interest Rates - For customers purchasing business vehicles, they have access to Annual Interest Rates as low as 5.49% (for qualified customers only)
  5. Flexible Repayment Terms - Monthly, Seasonal & Deferred payments available
  6. Rapid Funding - Get up to $500,000 with application submission only
car consignment
car consignment


  1. Shipping - When Consigning your Cars, Trucks, Trailers or Other Equipment with Nucar Commercial, we handle all shipping and shipping arrangements ensuring your vehicles are delivered to there new owners in a timely fashion.
  2. Seamless Pick-Up & Delivery - Once your vehicle is sold and you've been paid. Nucar Commercial or one our affiliated transporters will pick up the Car, Truck, Trailer or Other Equipment and ship it to its new owner. You don't have to lift a finger!
  3. Live Vehicle Tracking - For Customers who are purchasing Cars, Trucks, Trailer or Other Equipment. You have the ability to track your new vehicle as it is on-route to your location.
  4. How Much Does Shipping Cost? and Who Pays for it? - Vehicle Shipping is Free if both the Pick-Up and Delivery locations are within 500 Miles of Indianapolis Indiana. (Some Restrictions may apply for oversized vehicles.) Otherwise, the purchaser pays for shipping.

Get Started

  1. How much does selling my Car, Truck, Trailer or Other Equipment with Nucar Commercial? an $99 initial fee and 399$ once your vehicle is sold.
  2. Get Started - Click if You're Selling a single Car, Truck, Trailer or Other Equipment.
  3. How Much Does it Cost to Sell Multiple Vehicles and/or Equipment? - Click here to get a Quote.
car consignment