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Brembo Braking Systems were designed for customers who want highest levels of braking performance whether they’re driving on the street, track or racing.

Brembo High-Performance Braking Systems Boast Increased Stopping power, Performance, Greater Braking Torque, and Thermal Capacity. Greater Thermal Capacity and Increased Braking Torque create a noticeably different feel during normal operation and an experience that is extremely powerful while Racing, Towing, Off-Roading, Track Driving or Driving Aggressively.

Brembo High-Performance Brake Systems will not only change the way your vehicle performs but it will also give your vehicle a unique eye-catching look. Brembo Brake Calipers come in several different colors ranging from red, black, silver, yellow, white, and fluorescent yellow. Brembo Brake Calipers also come in a variety of finishes such as Nickel Plating and Black Hard-Anodized.

High-Performance Braking Systems

  1. Pricing Information
  2. 2-Piece Discs | $1,495 – $2,795
  3. GT Systems | $1,595 – $5,695
  4. GT-R Systems | $7,395 – $9,995
  5. GT CCM-R SYSTEMS | From $16,995
  6. GT-R CCM-R SYSTEMS | From $42,995

Brembo manufactures several different types of Braking Systems, each type is described below


Brembo GT Braking Systems are truly designed for the discerning driver.

  1. The Brembo GT Braking Systems are the best choice for your vehicle. These High-Performance Brake Systems boasts Increased Stopping Power, Performance, Greater Braking Torque, and Thermal Capacity. Greater Thermal Capacity and Increased Braking Torque creates a noticeably different feel during normal operation and an experience that is extremely powerful while towing, off-roading, track driving or aggressive driving.
  2. Fixed Brake Calipers improve the durability and efficiency of the braking system. The opposed multiple pistons, act on the brake pads with more precision, due to the smaller piston diameter and the reduced pressure exerted on each individual piston. Simultaneously the greater overall surface area between the pads and pistons results in more uniform friction surface wear.
  3. The stiffness of the Brake Calipers and metal braided brake hoses reduce fluid absorption. This allows for more stable brake pedal pressure, which is important during racing, track driving or driving aggressively. The Quality of Brembo GT Braking Systems ensures that even after a long day of towing, off-roading, track driving or aggressive driving your brakes will still feel the same.
  4. What Brembo GT Braking Systems Include

  5. When purchasing a Brembo GT – System Brake Kit It includes, the option of cross-drilled brake rotors, slotted ventilated brake rotors, one-piece or composite rotors and aluminum brake calipers with 4, 6 or 8 pistons. Completed with a set of high-performance brake pads, metal braided hoses and high-quality hardware.

Brembo GT-R Braking Systems are designed for aggressive Driving whether you’re on the street or track.

  1. Brembo GT-R Braking Systems are perfect for drives who truly want race technology in their vehicles. Brembo GT-R Braking Systems are comprised of Single Block Billet Aluminum Brake Calipers with 4 and 6 piston radial attachment, two-piece floating discs, brake pads with different friction materials and high-performance brake hardware.
  2. Single Block Billet Aluminum Brake Calipers

  3. Brembo GTR Brake Calipers are made from Billet Aluminum with radial 4 & 6 Piston attachment. Which reduces the non-suspended weight, while also improving vehicle dynamics and performance. Brembo designed the Billet Aluminum Brake Calipers to provide a constate locking strength and giving the brake pedal a more stabilized reliable feel. The Brake Caliper Pistons with stainless steel radiators allow a significant reduction of passed during extreme driving which reduces brake wear to a minimum. Brembo Designed the GT-R Brake Calipers to prevent corrosion by using a nickel plating.
  4. Brembo GT-R Braking Systems include two-piece Floating Discs that reduce the suspended weight & dissipate heat.

  5. Brembo GT-R’ Floating Discs anti-noise hardware is the direct result of their experience with formula 1 racing.
  6. Brembo GT-R Braking Systems discs are available in sizes of 345mm and 34mm thickness

Brembo designed the B-M Braking Systems for drivers who want the highest levels of performance from their vehicle.

  1. Brembo B-M kits were designed to offer the highest levels of performance on off of the track.
  2. What do Brembo B-M Braking Systems include? Brembo B-M Brake Kits come with composite and one-piece discs that may be either Cross Drilled or Slotted, Aluminum Monobloc Brake Calipers with 4, 6 or 8 Pistons, a complete of High-Performance Brake Pads, Metal Braided Brake Hoses and High-Quality Hardware.
  3. Brembo B-M Braking Systems were designed with Performance and Style in mind

  4. Brembo manufactures the B-M Braking Systems Monobloc Brake Calipers from aluminum from their foundry. This Process ensures that B-M Braking Systems’ Brake Calipers are exceptionally strong and resist deformation. The Brake Discs included with the Brembo B-M Braking Systems come with a unique ventilation system that improves the cooling capacity of Braking System while increasing resistance to cracking caused by thermal shock up to 40%.
  5. Brembo uses a unique 4D Casting Process

  6. Brembo was the first to use this innovative process to manufacture calipers for street vehicles. This high-level technology is usually only found in race vehicles. Brembo B-M Brake Calipers were cast with internal brake fluid lines. This differs from conventional brake calipers that have external and rigid fluid lines. The Bleeding Screw on the Brembo B-M Brake Calipers is invisible which makes more a better overall look.
  7. Brembo B-M Braking Systems come with either Slotted or Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

  8. Brembo designed their Slotted and Cross Drilled Rotors to help dissipate heat, as well as eliminate brake dust and gases.
  9. Brembo B-M Braking Systems will give your car Increased performance whether you’re driving on the Racing, Track Driving or Driving on the Street.

  10. Brembo B-M Braking Systems’ Radial Mounted Fixed Brake Calipers Have Increased Thermal Capacity & Braking Torque. Increased Thermal Capacity & Braking Torque is noticeable during normal vehicle operation; however, it is especially noticeable when racing or track driving where you must drive your vehicle for an extended period of time at a high rate of speed.
  11. The Brembo B-M Brake Systems’ Fixed Brake Calipers improve the Braking System Durability & Efficiency. The use of Opposed Pistons allows for a better distribution of pressure to the brake pads, which in turn creates a much more on the brake pad surface. Because of the stiffness of the Brembo B-M Brake Systems Brake Calipers as well as the use of Metal Braided Hoses ensures that the absorption of brake fluid is reduced. This creates a more stable feel when pressing the brake pedal.
  12. The Brembo B-M Braking Systems Aluminum Alloy Bell and oversized float discs reduce the unsprung weight which improves your vehicles handling while reducing thermal stress on the Braking System. Brembo engineered the mounting system to permit a greater degree of radial and axial float. This feature adds to the larger braking surface and allows for better heat dissipation Brembo’s B-M Braking Systems stand out for their stylishly and uniquely designed Brake Calipers. Brembo B-M System Brake Calipers come three different designations. BM-4 stands for Brake Calipers with four pistons, B-M6 stands for Calipers with 6-Pistons. BM-8 Stands for Calipers with 8-Pistons. The Brembo B-M Brake Systems calipers come in sizes up to 420mm x 40mm. Brembo B-M Braking Systems are also perfect for drivers who want a sleek and stylish look, these calipers fit trucks & SUV’s especially well.

Brembo's Company History & Timeline

The Early History of Brembo

  • Brembo was founded just outside of Bergamo Italy by Emilio Bombassei in 1961. Brembo began with humble beginnings as small workshop the soon began serving large clients like Alfa Romeo. In 1964 Brembo began to manufacture the first Italian Brake Discs for the spare parts market. After this accomplishment, Brembo began to manufacture other Brake System Components.

  • Brembo in the 1970s

  • In the 1970s Brembo began to supply Moto Guzzi when this happened Brembo became associated with some Europe's best motorcycles. Because of this major milestone, Brembo became a leader in the Motorcycle Brake System Market
  • One of if not Brembo's greatest achievement came in 1975. Enzo Ferrari Asked the company to equip Ferrari's Formula 1 Racing Cars. This monumental achievement made Brembo one of the leading manufacturers of Automotive Brake Systems

  • Brembo in the 1980s

    • In the 1980s Brembo began developing innovative products and process. This coupled with a strategy focused on expanding the market areas of Passenger Cars, Motorsports and Motorcycles allowed them to grow continually as one of the worlds Premier Brake Systems and Components Manufacturers. In 1980 Brembo introduced an Aluminum Brake Caliper for cars which were revolutionary not only for its design but also for the materials used.
    • This new Brembo Brake Caliper was soon adopted by High-Performance Auto Manufactures such as Porsche, Mercedes, Lancia, BMW, Nissan and Chrysler
    • In 1983, Brembo agreed to the acquisition of a share in Brembo by Kelsey-Hayes, A us Based Multination Brake System Manufacturer. This partnership allowed Brembo to expand into new markets while simultaneously preparing for the challenges of the future.
    • In the mid-1980s, Brembo expanded its product line to the Commercial Vehicle Market. Brembo began supplying Iveco, Renault Commercial Vehicles and Mercedes Commercial Vehicles.

    • Brembo in the 1990s

    • In March of 1993, Kelsey-Hayes withdrew as a shareholder in Brembo SpA. Brembo then focused on the future of the company and indirectly on the competitiveness of the Italian Manufacturing Industry, drawing strength from the expertise of its leadership and technological superiority.
    • When Brembo bought back shares from Kelsey-Hayes, the goal set by Brembos executives was achieved in full. Brembo continued to grow and in 1995 was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

    • Brembo in the 2000s

    • At the turn of the millennium Brembo began expanding globally. The Brazillian company Alfa Real Minas was acquired, allowing for the machining of Automotive Brake Discs and the assembly of Engine Flywheels. During this time Brembo also acquired the British company AP Racing Limited, this company specialized in the manufacturing of Brake and Clutch Systems for Race Cars, Motorcycles, and High-Performance Sports Cars. Brembo acquired 70% of Marchesini, a company that manufactured Magnesium Race Wheels for Motorcycles. This allowed Brembo to strengthen its market share in the Motorcycle Industry.
    • In 2000 Brembo entered the Chinse Market in a joint venture with Yuejin Motor Group and constitution of the firm Nanjing Yuejin Automotive Brake System for the production of Brake Systems for the Passenger and Commercial Vehicle Markets.
    • Brembo has had a 70% shareholding in the joint venture NYABS since 2008. In January of 2010. Brembo Nanjing Foundry Co. Ltd purchases a cast iron foundry from Donghua Automotive Industrial Co, Ltd, a member of the SAIC group. China's leading manufacturer of Automobiles and Commercial Vehicles. This effort consolidated Brembo's footprint in China allowing for the manufacturing and machining of Brake Calipers and Brake Discs that meet Brembos standards of Comfort and Performance.
    • Brembo has also expanded to the Indian Market. In 2005 Pune based KBX Motorbike Products Private Ltd. was created. This company is a joint venture between Brembo and Bosh's Indiana subsidiary, Kalyani Brakes Ltd. This company products motorcycle braking systems.
    • In 2009 Brembo opened its first plant in India. This plant produces Brake Systems for Motorcycles and Scooters. Brembo also launched their new brand Bybre (which stands for "By Brembo"). The Bybre brand manufacturers Brake Systems for scooters, small motorcycles and motorcycles up to (600cc) for the Brazillian, Russian, Indian, Chinse Markets and other Markets in Southeast Asia.
    • In 2006 Brembo open its third foundry in Dabrowa Gornicza. This facility was opened to optimize production of the disc manufacturing plant.
    • In 2007 Brembo opened a new Research and Development Center named the Rosso Technology and Science Park. This facility employs over 500 Engineers, Designers and Technicians working and Research and Development. During that same time, Brembo continued growing internationally. Acquiring the Brakes division of Hayes Lemmerz International right here the US. The division consisted of two plants (one near Detroit Michigan) and another in Mexico.

    • Brembo - Present Day

    • In 2010 Brembos activities in Eastern Europe were further consolidated with an investment of 35 Million Euros in the Czech Republic for a new Automotive Brake System Plant. This allowed Brembo t serve the mid-premium segment, working with OEM manufacturers such as Land Rover, BMW, General Motors and Audi.
    • Carbon Ceramic Technology Brembo has long been a pioneer when it comes to using innovative technology and materials in the Braking Systems. Carbon Ceramic Brake Systems have been ins use since the 1970s for aerospace applications and since the 1980s in motorsports. In 2000 CCM Brake Systems became available to the consumer market. Carbon Ceramic Brake Systems outperform standard brake systems in Wet and Dry Conditions, Weight, Comfort, Corrosion Resistance, Durability and High-Tech Appeal.
    • In 2003 the company Brembo Ceramic Brake Systems SpA was founded at Brembos "Kilmetro Rosso" Science and Technology Park in Stezzano Italy. This company was a joint venture between Brembo and Chrysler AG for the development and production of CCM (Carbon Ceramic) Brake Discs.
    • Eventually Daimler withdrew from the venture, Brembo then continued forward with an equal joint venture with the SGL group. This joint venture is dedicated to Carbon Ceramic Brake Discs - Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes. The companies mission is to Develop and Manufacture Carbon Ceramic Brake Systems exclusively for the Automotive and Commercial Automotive OEM Markets.
    • Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes has an impressive list of clients that include automotive brands such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Daimler, Ferrari, General Motors, Porsche and Lamborghini.
    • In 2014 Brembo opened its first plant in Michigan to produce Brake Systems for its main automotive customers in the North American Market. Immediately following this Brembo announced the construction of a cast iron foundry in Michigan, in the nearby area of Homer Michigan. The foundry along with the technical departments and warehouse area will cover an area over 300,000 square feet and provide 250 jobs at the offices in Homer and Plymouth.
    • In 2015 construction of a Foundry and Plant Near Monterrey Mexico Began. The Plant will produce aluminum Brake Calipers. The plant began production in 2016 and was fully operational at the end of 2018. The facility produces brake calipers for OEMs serving the European, Asian and American Markets.
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